Mary Jane Curious? Come out of the Mary Jane Closet Already!!

Want to know about CBD,THC? Do you know what a vaporizer is? What’s this dabbing thing? Do people still roll joints? Can I get a custom bong?

Cannabis is a hot topic with medical and legal programs expanding in more and more states. More Americans are looking at the dreaded weed as a possibility for relief or at least relaxation. The more acceptance the more people are becoming comfortable even talking about the potential of the potent plant. (Yippy)

Marijuana, weed, Mary Jane, and of course ganja to some but cannabis scientifically and with much respect. We at Mary Jane’s Party Supplies we agree, cannabis is an amazing plant with much potential. We have learned that although not for everyone, the plant holds many cannabinoids that are beneficial to many with many different alignments.  

For those who are looking for more information, we have the solution. A network of cannabis consultants, bringing the store directly to your door. A private and comfortable environment where you can ask questions and receive hands-on demonstrations. Model is based off of a Pampered Chef party…similar in style yet different in design. We are a direct sales, social selling program.

Mary Jane’s Party Supplies is building a network of community consultants who provide the in-home service.

We know it’s overwhelming and we want those looking for more information to have the right access. Our marketplace has only a selection of the many devices, tools and accessories available in Canada’s growing cannabis sector. We weed through all of the stuff out there to present only the best of the best.

Host an in-home experience, gather some friends and family together and we will connect you with your local Community Consultant. Participate in a session of cannabis information, try top of the line vaporizers and shop direct through your consultant, your go to cannabis concierge. Plus you can receive potential discounts on your purchase and gain access to great products.

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